SECOND OPINION in Complex Divorce Cases

At Second Opinion Divorce CT, our attorney has over 43 years of experience helping people resolve even the most complex divorce cases. We provide extremely experienced and exceptional second opinions at all stages in the process, from initial filings to trial and appeal, when necessary.

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Protecting Your Interests And Securing Your Future

Many people feel as if they are losing their emotional and financial footing when facing the prospect of divorce. Tom and his legal team understand this, which is why we will help you understand your circumstances and enable you to regain control over your situation.

When you retain Second Opinion Divorce CT, we will provide a review of your matter to assist you to limit your potential losses and work toward a divorce agreement that both meets your needs and will stand the test of time. Our second opinion will be based upon our extensive experience handling complex divorce proceedings and helping negotiate the equitable distribution of substantial assets, including:

  • Family estates and trusts
  • Financial portfolios and hedge funds
  • Family and wholly owned businesses
  • Real estate developments
  • Legal and medical practices
  • Corporate compensation packages

Experience has taught us that due diligence, open communication, and a sharp focus on your long-term goals can help reduce the stress of a divorce and better position you to move confidently forward with your life.

Our Discretion Helps Protect Your Privacy

Although divorce filings are somewhat common, these proceedings still create an occasion for outsiders to speculate about a couple’s private life, and the ensuing gossip can be intrusive and disruptive. Careers can be impacted, and business opportunities may stall. We understand the need for confidentiality. We have numerous safeguards in place to help ensure that your divorce proceedings are kept as private as possible.