Attorneys Skilled in High Net-Worth Divorce Representation

Divorce is complex even when a couple has modest assets. High net-worth divorces are considerably more difficult because of the size and diversity of the marital assets involved. If you are getting divorced and have a high net-worth marital estate, you will greatly benefit from working with an attorney experienced in this type of divorce.

Strategic Division Planning And Negotiation

Connecticut law requires an equitable distribution of assets, but that doesn’t mean a 50-50 split of each jointly owned asset. Some assets are going to be much more important to you than others, and the same goes for your spouse. We have experience and knowledge to assist you in protecting the assets you are most interested in, which could include:

  • A family or personal business
  • Certain real estate
  • A prized personal collection
  • High-value household furnishings
  • Cars, boats and other vehicles

Ongoing Financial Support
Many divorces involve orders for child support and spousal support, including high-asset divorces. However, the scale is likely to be much larger in high-asset divorces. Whether you are on the paying end or the receiving end, our review of your agreement can make a big difference in understanding that the ultimate award amounts are both reasonable and sustainable.